Reviews and testimonials for our Bristol based massage therapists
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Reviews and testimonials for our Bristol massage therapists

A massage from Ben? The best there is! I have been having massages from Ben for five years now and he has helped to keep my body functioning!I have had numerous problems, ranging from neck, shoulder, leg/hip, arms and wrists. Why is he so great? He is very intuitive, knowing where to find problem areas, how to deal with them using the various techniques he has perfected over the years. He has an excellent knowledge of the muscles in the body and how they function.He provides good aftercare advice, stretches, strengthening exercises etc. If you want a ’de-stress’ massage, Ben works with a lot of sensitivity allowing you to enjoy the feeling of complete relaxation. You won’t want to move off the massage table! Fantastic!

Sally - Bristol

I had a car accident in April 2008 and experienced whiplash of medium severity. I had a series of sessions with Ben over the course of the next few months, in tandem with physiotherapy treatment. Ben seemed to instinctively know the root of the problem and was able to ease the pain and make me feel more comfortable doing all the normal things I was used to before the accident. Having massage from Ben sped up my recovery and I now go once in a while even if I’m not injured as it’s such a relaxing thing to do!
Piers - Bristol

Paul Tilbury has been massaging me for at least once a month for the past 5 years. I find that his massage not only relaxes me physically and mentally but has also helped to speed up the mending of pulled muscles on several occasions. As an experienced Masseur with over 10 years experience myself I would say that Paul is one of the best massage therapists I know and if you are looking for a professional massage therapist look no further and book an appointment with Paul.

Gill Baker - Bristol
‘I have had pelvis/sacral trouble for a while now, and being a yoga teacher I am aware of what’s not working and usually, why it isn’t working properly. Having seen a couple of other therapists to try and help me understand my problem, no one managed to find the source of the issue, until Paul started to work on me. After two sessions he had found the source. Paul worked with this and since my sessions with him I am in a lot less pain, and feel I am properly balanced again. Through his experience and knowledge he has now enabled me to be aware of what is going on in my body, took excess pressure off my middle back and also helped my shoulders to relax. I aim to continue having sessions with Paul because I fully trust in his experience and knowledge in his practice and he is a dedicated and honest practitioner.
Davina Wellelsey - Bristol

‘Having a facial with Norah is like stopping time for an hour!
With her personal approach to each session, using different products to get the best results each time,
my skin always feels incredible afterwards.
This, along with her amazing head/shoulder massage means you completely relax and get to leave your everyday worries on the doorstep for a little bit.
Which for me is heaven.’

Rebecca - Bristol
‘Receiving a facial from Norah is pure bliss… each one of her gestures,
touch and movement is beautifully done.
She has a very special skill that makes me feel nourished and cared for and I never want her to stop’
Marie France - Bristol

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